Saturday, May 28, 2011

The Stone Fireplace

The Stone Fireplace can provide a mysterious look to an interior of a house, using stone structures to add warmth and depth to a room is not an uncommon feature in interior design. People who choose to have a stone fireplace in their house should be aware that the stone has a very dramatic and strong presence in the room, and it will not go un noticed, some feel that the stone gives a room a medieval feeling and does not compliment modern furniture and style, but this is obviously a choice of the home owner.

Adding extra features next to a stone fire place will combine the elements into a solid design statement, if the people living in the house would not object to having more stone or iron furniture placed in the vicinity of the fireplace you can create a flow of stone and iron elements and create a sort of medieval, 1500's sort of look, which can be great in some spaces, especially if it is a room that is not used on a daily basis.

In the past fire places designs were very traditional, and usually comprised the same material and same basic building plan, this made most of the fire places to look the same and feel the same in any given room. In the last 20 years there have been enormous changes to this market, especially due to the fact that people wanted a unique fireplace, this is especially true to places where winter is hard and long and the fireplace is a focal point in the house.

There are modern designs that combine stone, wood and metal, to create a very plain and strong industrial look, emphasizing the usability of the features in the space and letting unique and specially designed parts to speak for themselves, this is why a stone fireplace will be perfect in this kind of an environment, it is also possible to paint the stone, or bleach the bricks so they will not appear dark but have a more bright color, this will bring more luminosity into the room and will also allow the home owners not to break to color theme if they got a light colored living room.

Combining wood and stone can create a very impressive fireplace, both natural materials and are also the base of the fireplace essentials, a wood frame to a stone fireplace base will create a feeling of warmth and will probably not disturb any existing design statements that may already be in the room.

Last but not least, stone made fire places sound great but not everyone likes them, you should make sure that you can live with a stone fireplace before you even start shopping around for one, for those who already know that stone designs are their favorites there is not a question here, but what kind of stone fireplace will it be.

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Monday, May 23, 2011

Make 100% Profit Selling Paint

How to make 100% profit selling plaster painting paint.

The $2.00 shops are not always the best way to go. They may sell packed acrylic paints at dirt cheap prices but you can save even more by repacking your own. Most plaster painting studios use glass vials preferably with a screw on plastic lid rather than a plastic vial with a push on cap, which has a tendency to leak.

We have been searching and testing many plastic containers with push on lids which are around the size of a 50c coin. These look much bigger than the glass vials and are very easy to fill. Many plastic vials tested have leaked however we have found some that show no sign of leaking and are quite reasonably priced.

You can now choose from glass or plastic type containers. What type of paint gives the best finish on plaster. The answer to this question is acrylic paint. It is easy to use and is really easy to clean up if you are quick, as it is water based. Once it dries it is a different story. This type of paint when dry can prove very difficult to remove from clothing. It might be a good idea to offer an apron to your regular clients.

After much searching we have sourced a quality acrylic paint from one of our suppliers in Melbourne packed in 2 litre containers that can be set up to pump fill your containers without spilling a drop. It is available in the primary colours that can be intermixed for a full palette of colours. The price is very attractive in that a single bottle sells for $11.95 including GST while the set of six colours have a trade price of only $9.95 each. If you think about it, if you sell between 100 and 200 vials to resell to your students at about $1.00 per container it will cost you about 10c or less for the paint.

To aid in filling your containers pumps can be fitted to your 2 litre bottles. Simply pump the paint into the containers. Another way to make some money out of plaster painting is to resell a range of brushes.

Many have told me the $2.00 shops have cheap brushes but they only come in assorted sizes, most of which you don't want. Chinese white pigs bristle size 6 brushes are the most useful brush for a plaster painting studio. Any smaller and it will take too long to paint and become tedious. Any larger and you will lose detail and waste too much paint.

To overcome this problem we are carrying bulk stocks of just this size at a very reasonable price. Once the students leave make sure you wash out your brushes and they will last for years.

We wish you much success.

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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Using Wood Hat Displays To Considerably Raise Sales Of Your Hats

Displaying caps within your store is an easy way for you to increase your sales. Initially, caps or hats were known for their function that was to shield ourselves from the heat coming from the sun or unexpected rain. Nowadays, above its previous usage, caps have grown to be the hippest trend statement in its area. They are now also identified as jewelry that can instantly spice up an individual's outfit because of the accent it provides.

As retail merchants, if you would like some other areas to add up to your sales, try scouting for the chance of marketing hats in your shop. If you have an interest in this possibility, you must learn a couple of things about selling caps in your shop. When it is possible to understand the easy ways that significantly impact the sales growth of your shop hats, you will understand that it is indeed good to do a little research prior to taking any strategic advertising tactic.

Discussed here are some easy steps on how to market your hats with good quality cap displays:

The primary rule that you will need to do in offering hats for sale is to define and separate your buyers. Before you get hats and caps in your shop, you have to know if your clients will buy your hats. It really is significant to learn that trading hats is completely different from marketing apparel since these items have facial rules which can determine if it will go with your client or not.

Your staff should be knowledgeable about the hats you are promoting. Through this, they will have the ability to sell and offer tips to your clients on the products they are going to buy. You have to be certain that the hats you will have to trade will suit the apparel items that you have in your store to amplify the fact that your clients need to contribute pizzazz in their apparel.

One of the ways to merchandise caps and hats in your store is to correctly group them. Grouping your hats can be done in accordance to: gender usage and hierarchy. Grouping hats as per gender will aid your customers to instantaneously check which is proper for them. One more way is to arrange caps in accordance with order such as organizing them from expensive to inexpensive or old stocks vs. new stocks. Start off promoting your products to your clients by establishing a sign inside your establishment that you happen to be currently selling the "hottest statements in town-hats".

Finally, you need to be able to properly trade your hats making use of cap fixtures. If you pair your caps with the suitable point of purchase display racks, the hats will become more striking in the eyes of your clients.

Custom hat display stands will help convince individuals to buy your products and this might work as a subtle marketing tactic. Exhibiting hats in your shop should not be a big issue on your part. As long as you follow these simple tips on the way to use effective display stands that will elevate your products. Buy a custom cap fixture for the store now and start to see the benefits coming in. You should be able to find that your sales develop pertaining to revenue and profitability.

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